Graphic Design

Need a brochure, marketing slicks, advertising, presentations, posters?

Anything you can think of - I'm happy to help and discover new possibilities.

Format: Stagedesign  |  Client: Soundcloud
Year: 2016  |  Task: Cooperate Stagedesign for the Product launch of "Soundcloud Go" in Germany


photos by giovanni.dominice

Format: CI  |  Client: dA Platform
Year: 2016  |  Task: Concept, Graphic Design


Title: Data Natives |  Format: Conference Design

Task: Concept, Layout, Design


Format: Poster-, Fylerserie  |  Client: Schaubühne Berlin 
Year: 2012-2015  |  Task: Graphic Design


Title: Streitraum  |  Year: 2012-2015  |  Client: Schaubühne 

Format: Poster-, Fylerseries  |  Task: Graphic Design

Format: Poster  |  Client: Frontviews

Year: 2015  |  Task: Graphic Design


Title:Outside the box  |  Format: Magazine

Task: Concept, Layout, Design and Illustration

Cooperation with Sophie Wolfbauer and Katharina Zimmerhackl