As a freelance videographer I'm working with brands, agencies, Start-ups and cultural institutions. Brand, Corporate, Promotional, Social, Viral, Event videos. I love creating video content for anyone from one man brands to multinationals. 

Title: Portrait Paolo Pellegrin
Year: 2017
Client: Schaubühne
Task: Concept, Filming, Editing

The portraits for the 2017/18 campaign were shot by Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin. Pellegrin is the last in a series of renowned photographers who have portrayed the Schaubühne ensemble since 2013.




Title: Things Trouvé
Year: 2016
Client: Centre Pompidou, Paris
Format: Documentation (32 min)
Task: Concept, Filming, Editing, Curator

Knowing that every surrealist artist had at least a small collection of obscure things, we became curious about the object fetish of todays artists. In the project Things Trouvé, we invited Berlin-based international artists to talk about one ‚thing‘ from their studio. Additional works by the artist of the film will be shown during our presentation at the Centre Pompidou. Participants: Gabriel Braun, Silke Briel, Valérie Favre, Pius Fox, Peter K. Koch, Lindsay Lawson, Tula Plumi, Hendrik Silbermann, Michaela Zimmer and Markus Zimmermann (to watch the whole Documentation, please request the password)

Title: Beware of Pity
Year: 2016
Client: Schaubühne Berlin, Simon Mc Burney, Complicite 

Format: Trailer for the new play of Simon Mc Burney
Task: Filming, Editing


»Beware of Pity« deals with the question of what is true compassion and how difficult it is sincerely to suffer vicariously with another human being. Simon McBurney is an actor, director and co-founder of legendary British theatre company Complicite. For his stage version of »Beware of Pity«, McBurney is working with a German theatre ensemble for the first time.

Title: An Interview with Joseph Pearson

Year: 2016

Client: Schaubühne Berlin

Format: Clip for Socialmedia-channels of the Theater

Task: Concept, Interviewing, Filming, Editing


Dr. Joseph Pearson came to live in Berlin full time almost a decade ago from New York City, where he taught in the humanities program of Columbia University. In Berlin, he works as a writer of literary non-fiction and has lectured for programs such as New York University Berlin. His current project, to write a history and portrait of Berlin for a London publisher, is under contract. For quite a while now he has captured attention with his quirky and sharp posts on his blog »The Needle« (, one of Berlin’s most popular English-language blogs.

Title: Introducing Artists

Year: 2016

Client: Galerie Burster

Format: Clip for Socialmedia-channels

Task: Concept, Interviewing, Filming, Editing

Title: »Geschichten erzählen«

Year: 2017

Client: Carl von Ossietzky Schule Berlin

Task: Concept, Interviewing, Filming, Editing

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